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Not just a Tutoring Company


“Students learn best when considered as whole people, who move at their own individual pace and in their own learning style”

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Grassroots Education

GetThere was started by two friends and academic enthusiasts who first met under the terms of tutor and tutee.

This ‘early GetThere’ tutoring experience, like many in the years to come, resulted in academic success, a genuine friendship, and a shared enthusiasm for learning science.

Driven by a passion for helping students understand content and improve her confidence and capabilities, Alicia continued to tutor sciences. 

Fast forward 5 years and several students later: the call to education was too great to ignore. Alicia a decided to leave her original career path in medicine and  and follow her calling.

The pursuit to educate and assist struggling students soon transformed into a thriving company with a tutoring team of highly skilled, energetic, eclectic educators, professionals and academic enthusiasts. Today, we are proud to say that we have helped numerous students in the Caribbean, the USA and Canada to excel academically and to conquer their courses!

Tutoring for Every Step of the Way

In keeping with our mission to provide holistic learning support and encourage maximum individual achievement, we are dedicated to individual achievement at every stage of life. Therefore, we offer specialized tutoring at these levels. If you are looking for an elementary school tutor or a high school tutor in any subject, we can help.

We are committed to helping your students excel through high school and even on to college. If SAT or SSAT is necessary for our students to prepare for college, we will make it happen. A great SAT tutor can help you increase your score and increase the probability of being accepted into the school of our choice.

Our tutors are more than just tutors, they are leaders, mentors and some are even considered family – GetThere will help as we are committed to excellence through providing holistic service.