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online SSAT tutor
online SSAT tutoring

Once we are sure our students have grasped these strategies, the rest is all practice! We work with students to complete and review drills and mock exams, taking the time to apply these strategies to finding the right answers. We repeat this tried and tested process of strategic practice and review until we see the improvement in scores we have come to expect from our students.

Maybe you are not quite ready for college or university, but you are ready to leave home for an international twist on your secondary school education. If so, then boarding school may be the right move for you.

Every SSAT exam follows the same structure, making preparing for the exam a matter of strategy. It is broken down into four sections: Math, Reading, Verbal, and Writing, each of which calls for certain strategies to best tackle the questions in each. This is why we spend the first few classes breaking down the structure of the exam and showing students the most effective ways to approach the different types of questions.

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