Tackle The IGCSE With Confidence

If you’re taking or preparing to take the IGCSE and feel just a little bit overwhelmed (or a whole lot), then you’re not alone! These are, more than likely, the first “big” end-of-high-school exams you’ll take in your academic career. With a little preparation…


GetThere can help you get prepared to go into your exams feeling STRONG and READY to perform YOUR BEST

Our intensive specialized group programs are designed to give IGCSE students that extra edge in their subjects. We carefully structure our lessons to match the IGCSE syllabi, and practice real IGCSE questions and past papers to make sure students have the skills to tackle the questions they’ll see on the real IGCSE exams.

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GetThere Go Getters

Our comprehensive, semester-long course gives students the tools and skills they need to take on their IGCSE exams feeling confident, competent, and composed.

A Go-Getters course consists of two-hour sessions that meet once-a-week every semester. Each session is carefully designed to align with its respective IGCSE syllabus and course objectives.

Practice With Purpose

It’s no secret. The key to maximizing your IGCSE scores is consistent, longterm practice with real IGCSE questions. Exposure to exam-style problems and test conditions is an invaluable tool for students.

That’s why we push our students toward their absolute best through practice with real, up-to-date IGCSE past papers throughout the Go-Getters course.

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