I had never visualised myself in a “teacher” role or capacity. After studying science all of my high school life, I went to Emory University to study…more science, aiming eventually to become a medical doctor. At Emory, however, I discovered a passion within for Cultural Anthropology that inspired me and magnetized my direction! I completed my studies at the University of Cape Town, and Universidad de Salamanca in Spain before deciding to return to my favorite place, Jamaica to attend UWI Medical School and hopefully make a positive difference here.

I first started tutoring during my gap year between Emory University and UWI Medical School. Having always had a zeal for learning, a love for science, and a penchant for thoroughly explaining things, I found my very first tutoring session a most gratifying experience. Here, it was, I could sit and talk, extensively, about science and other interesting things, all while helping someone’s understanding, improving one’s confidence and capability, and building a genuine relationship. As I began to evolve, tutoring more and more students I soon realized I was hooked! I had found that I truly loved sharing knowledge, getting to know my students, and finding ways of communicating with and engaging them, that worked best for them. In the ensuing years education would become a huge part of my life, as I worked with over a hundred students on an individual basis, taught a year of IB Physics and 2 years of IB biology at the American International School of Kingston (AISK), and saw many students become my friends, as we worked together to identify, prepare for, and conquer academic and personal goals.

After 4 years of living the double-life of a medical student and educator, I made the powerful decision to leave the medical field for a career in education and never looked back! I realized that whilst I loved learning in medical school, my calling was not for practicing medicine but for providing holistic educational support and encouraging and empowering others through academic success. 

Between tutoring before med school. my time as a teacher and my time in GetThere, I have over 9 years of providing top notch educational experiences and 1000s of hours teaching and tutoring. Today I can honestly say that my vocation is my avocation. I work with a wonderfully dynamic, creative and energetic team towards a common mission of student empowerment and success and I love it!