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Biology is the science of life and living organisms. All avid biology students will tell you, that of all the scientific areas of study, biology can be the most fun, since it is so deeply connected to our everyday lives.

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The study of biology allows us, to understand us, and all the living things around us: The energy metabolism that underlies the activities of life, the evolutionary relationships among organisms, the genetic basis for inheritance and the diversity of life on Earth.

Finding a balance in biology coursework can be challenging, as students must master a large number of topics and concepts. Some people consider biology to be an ‘easier’ science, given that it requires more reading and memorization than calculation – as opposed to physics or chemistry. While there is, a lot of memorization involved with biology, it takes more than simply memorizing facts to truly excel in the subject. It is also extremely important to have a clear understanding of the key concepts.

At GetThere our biology tutors have a passion for discussing concepts in basic, relatable terms, and in different ways according to the student’s learning style.

A GetThere biology tutor can help you become more familiar with the key concepts in biology, including cell theory, energy, homeostasis, genetics, and evolution, so that you can plan solid experiments, write thorough lab reports and perform your best on biology tests and assignments. Contact us to learn more about our biology tutoring.

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