Subjects: Mathematics, SAT, SSAT

Brian B.

With great love for learning, I am passionate about using the knowledge and skills I have gained to solve problems. I have lived my entire life in Kingston, Jamaica barring a two-year stint in Edinburgh, Scotland where I completed two MSc’s in Actuarial Science and Actuarial Management.

I have tutored on and off for many years, enjoying the value that I can bring to students in pursuit of their goals. One of my main desires is to dispell the perception that math is scary or too hard, we can all do it given the right approach.

My day job is as an Actuarial Assistant at a local pensions consultancy. If you have any questions about the wonderful world of actuarial science I am ready to discuss.

I love GetThere because of our mantra of learning being a team sport. It is important to have students feel that you are right there with them, that their success is your success and vice versa.