Brian K.

Learning more about humans has long been my principal interest in life.
During my seven years at Campion College, I realized that I wanted to understand how we as people function both bodily and socially. These interests lead to the unusual sixth form subject selection of chemistry, biology, sociology, Caribbean civilization studies and communication studies. When I was ranked in the top 5 highest scoring candidates nationally for CAPE sociology in unit one and two, many thought I’d pursue a career in that field, and though I did enjoy the subject thoroughly, I thought a career in medicine was the better fit for me.

The principles learnt from these various disciplines were invaluable during my years in medical School at the University of the West Indies, where the holistic health of the patient is emphasized. Mentorship is an important part of the tradition of the medical profession from which I have (and still do) benefit. During my internship period I realized that tutoring medical students was something I genuinely enjoyed. It gave me that same feeling of fulfillment and joy that I experienced when I was tutoring high school students in chemistry, biology and sociology during my time in sixth form.

GetThere has offered me that opportunity to revisit this passion and for that I’m very grateful.