I was born in Jamaica but then moved to Barbados for 8 years. I then returned to Jamaica for high school and have fallen in love with the country again. My first love is music, but I also enjoy playing and watching football. After attending Wolmer’s Boys and Hillel Academy for high school, I moved to Tampa, Florida to study Marketing and Management at University of South Florida. The business side of music interests me just as much as the creative side, so I really wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. I graduated in 2017 and spent the next year in Los Angeles working at a world renowned record label. It was a great experience which inspired me to come back to Jamaica and work on music more seriously.

I am interested in business as a subject because I think it can be adapted to anything you want to do. I really enjoy Get There a lot, from the environment to all my hardworking students. My goal is to make every student as comfortable as possible and to help them reach their own personal goals in every class I teach. I love forming friendships and big-brother style relationships with my students and look forward to working with many more in the future.