Command The English Language

There are few things more frustrating than getting a score below your standard in a language you speak every day. But grammar can prove tricky.

In time, as the rules of grammar catch up with the ever evolving vernacular, none of this will matter anymore. However, as it stands – something that can hold us back is that we don’t read enough, or, what we read isn’t well-written, so our brains aren’t primed for the particularities of formal written language, when we’re engaging with it academically.

As little as you might want to invest in this vexing subject, erudite communication remains essential to social success, and while it isn’t something one notices when it’s going smoothly, grammatical errors and stylistic faux pas become glaringly obvious to the guardians of the gate posts to many desirable jobs, schools and maybe even romantic relationships.

Our GetThere tutors can help you hone your reading and writing skills, and offer you tips and tricks on how to approach and master English Literature.