From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. I always loved reading for it offered an escape and a chance at a new world. As I grew with reading, it was inevitable I would turn to writing. I went to the University of South Florida in Tampa and got my BA in English (with an emphasis in creative writing) and a BA in Criminology. I loved my time in university and knew I wasn’t finished learning, so I went to my favourite state (ayy west coast) and got my MFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University.

Chapman really helped me figure out the kind of writer I wanted to be, but more than that, it gave me the opportunity to teach. I was able to design my own syllabus and teach a class of Freshmen and I fell in love. It was so amazing to take everything I loved from the world of writing and English and let others discover something in it, too. Tutoring allows me to do this one and one, while really getting to know the students, and the different ways they learn.

My biggest goal as an educator is to get my students to see the value in education and hopefully fall in love with learning. (And maybe read a book once in a while.)