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Physics is one of the core branches of science, which, let’s face it, has given us all a bit of trouble at some point – many of us, more than just a bit. What is it that makes the subject matter seem so hard to conquer? Interestingly, the answer is not that there is a great deal of material to learn, but rather that we must consciously unlearn many of our closely held preconceptions about nature.

The laws of physics can be, at first glance, out of line with our daily experience of the world around us. This is a big part of what makes the subject difficult to grasp.

Delving deeper into everyday ideas that we mention regularly, like ‘motion’ and ‘energy,’ can reveal truths that don’t match our experiences of those ideas. As with all our subjects, our physics tutors take a ground-up approach to learning and teaching Physics; we understand that in order to truly excel, we need to gain a firm grasp on the fundamental concepts.

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