Subjects: Physics, Mathematics, SSAT

I felt the pull to come back to Jamaica to continue my passion of mentorship in my home country, and to assist others to become well developed morally, mentally, and physically. This is why I love tutoring at GetThere and seeing the possibilities and potential that some students just need a little help to unlock! Even though I now work as an engineer, it’s the possibility of changing someone’s life for the better that gets me up in the morning!


Growing up in a military family, the type-A, go-getter personality was innate. I was always pushed to do more, do better, and be better. My days were packed with activities from the second I woke up, to the second I went to sleep. I suppose it was worth it – being able to play the drums, being captain of the National Junior Squash Team, being on my school’s swimming and waterpolo team, getting my private pilots license, and being valedictorian for my class.

With this same mind-set, I chose to give up a regular college lifestyle and the ability to control my own time and efforts, and join a military institution – the United States Naval Academy.

Being around people of similar interests really pushed me to strive for excellence, not just for myself, but to help others to do their best as well. Increasing in rank meant more privilege, but more responsibility, and more responsibility meant a greater circle of influence. I realized that to be a good military leader, you had to use your circle of influence to promote a better trained, better equipped, and close knit team. Whether it was in my capacity as squad leader, platoon commander, operations officer, squash coach, or weapons instructor, my drive and passion was to mentor and lead those in my circle of influence to be better versions of themselves.