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Immersive Learning

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Let’s face it, learning another language can be difficult, with all the repetition and basic words you have to learn. For language learners of all ages, classroom learning can feel disconnected from real life and the real people who speak the language.

Yes, grammar and syntax are important, but why can’t Spanish (or French or even English) be more fun to learn?

Well, it definitely can!

At GetThere, we understand that the most important part of language learning is engagement. Think about how much easier it is to learn a song than it is to learn something like the multiplication table. Things like music, games, and videos are awesome gateways into learning new languages!

Using these creative methods, our tutors will help you to strengthen the four areas of language acquisition – listening, speaking, reading and writing. We follow the techniques of immersion and contextual learning to make the process more meaningful to students, boost their confidence and up their language skills.