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Write A Stand Out Essay

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On your journey to college and boarding school, what really sets you apart as more than just a high number on a page, is your college or boarding school essay. This is your opportunity to make an impression as a thoughtful and interesting person that your dream school would be lucky to have!

Our exceptional tutors are eager to assist in streamlining your essay writing process. Whether you are just starting out or simply want an extra pair of eyes on one of your final drafts, we can help shed some light on what makes for an outstanding essay.

Contrary to popular practice, we have found that what makes this type of essay special isn’t complete literary perfection, but rather the ability to capture your unique voice and perspective. Your essay readers care less about you pretending to be Shakespeare, and more about seeing the real, authentic you shining through. Yes, grammar and syntax are important, but our mission as GetThere tutors is to ensure that what makes you special comes through in your writing even more.