Stellar GetThere Students

“The difference between GetThere and any other competing establishment is the close relationship built between the student and tutor. You feel as if someone is invested in your success in a way that a typical school can’t come close to mirroring. This experience is only heightened by the family setting and “the special” tea that all help you achieve your goals and #getthere. Definitely five stars worthy! ”


“Alicia made my job a lot easier as a student, she made me understand more, and with the help of her colleagues, I was able to get my hands on information that wouldn’t be readily available to me”


“I have problems with time management and not procrastinating, so having a place like GetThere allowed me to have a comfortable space where I was able to review and learn the necessary information so I could do well in my exams”


“From the beginning GetThere has been a place for me to learn in a comfortable environment. It has allowed me to enjoy my work and I can see great improvements in my grades.”


“You only go through school once in your life, so you must make the most out of it, and the team here is definitely going to help you do just that!”


“The best place for all types of learning styles. With compassionate tutors who are always willing to help you to achieve your goals and succeed at your pace. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand”


“The classes were really comfortable and relaxed, and every time I stepped through the door I was greeted by big smiles from everyone that worked here”


Proud GetThere Parents

“Alicia and Christian are not only great and effective tutors who are on top of their material, they are passionate about their craft and are able to connect with their students in ways that harness their curiosity and inspire them to be their best selves. Our family will always be indebted to them”


Laura Chandley

“I can’t begin to thank the incredible staff at GetThere for their unbelievable care and attention they gave my daughter Rachael. They offered her a safe and secure environment for her to learn in, make mistakes in and blossom in her studies.
The caring staff helped her not only with her academics, but gave her a safe and comfortable environment to talk about issues and concerns she was having. They looked out for her, messaged her when they knew she had a test and if she was having a bad day, helped her to realize she wasn’t alone. Even being away at boarding school, Christian and Alicia check in on her and help if needed.
They got Rachael through exams, papers and projects. They were a life saver for both Rachael and myself as it reduced the arguments we would have due to studying. I so recommend all the tutors in GetThere ! Best move we ever did!!!!!”


“I’ve always been the type of parent that believed that education is so much more than what happens in a classroom…I believe that a child’s positive self esteem is automatically tied to academic success.
I was extremely happy when I realized that Alicia and her GetThere team not only shared in this belief, but passionately pursued it in their tutoring. All three of my children passed through the caring and supportive walls of GetThere tutoring, and not only did they achieve high academic results from the classes, but they found in Alicia a true friend, confidant and cheerleader. Alicia and the GetThere team will always be part of our family!””


Michelle Hugh

“At the start of grade 9 I enrolled my son Toby at GetThere Tutoring for general help and reinforcement of subjects taught at school. The team, along with their birds, literally took Toby under their watchful and caring wings from the get go.
I have witnessed my son’s confidence grow and his positive approach to learning improve tremendously. At GetThere work is no longer boring, they make learning fun, interesting and interactive. I’m so happy my son is part of the GetThere family… a family of amazing tutors and awesome students!”