Subjects: Spanish, SAT


What I like about modern languages are that they give new and interesting ways of expressing ideas and feelings, they also enrich the way we see the world, especially media, culture and the people that use them. Languages are our world’s history, and they bring out its diversity. It’s an art and a science. I’ve always been fascinated by them, and I’ll continue to try and absorb as much as I can, and to encourage others to do so. I think it’s a wonderful way to build bridges in our world.

I recently finished up my BSc in Tourism Management with a Minor in Spanish and Minor in Management Studies at the UWI, Mona. My interests include Film & TV, Design, Writing, and Travel. (I’m also mildly addicted to the Pocket app)

When I started tutoring, I wanted to do what a high school Spanish teacher did for me in a time when I thought there was no hope for the subject. He convinced me that it’s possible to be great at Spanish, that it’s never too late to try, and that I was smart enough to conquer it. As a tutor, I always set out to convince my student that “it’s possible”, the effort you put in will yield rewards, and that it’s certain possible to enjoy it. When someone realises their potential, it’s amazing where it (and some hard work and a good attitude) can take them.