Subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry


I was born and raised in Jamaica, but visited St. Lucia frequently as a kid. I’d describe myself as someone who has a very curious mind, a love for knowledge and learning new things. Throughout my school journey, I developed a strong love and appreciation for the Arts, particularly music – being a second violin in the Immaculate Symphony Orchestra (Woohoo!), but at the same time, I also found myself excelling in areas such as mathematics, chemistry and computer science (yes, programming can be very fun).

I studied Civil Engineering (math, math and more math) at The University of the West Indies, Mona, and currently work within that field. I also spend a lot of my time playing guitar and writing my own instrumentals, and I love to dance, sing, draw and…..cook! (I live on food network). I also really love coffee; it’s actually kind of ridiculous.

I started tutoring as a hobby many moons ago at Immaculate (I was president of the tutoring society in grade 13). It’s always been one of the ways I try to help and give back. Being a part of the GetThere body has allowed for me to take my teaching to a whole new level, impacting more students than I ever imagined. As someone who’s big on self-improvement, I love helping these kids crack difficult concepts, build their confidence and be on their way to becoming their best selves.