Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Initial meeting with the student and ‘The Parent’ to identify the goals and objectives of the tutoring.

Design a plan to meet the stated goals.

Assign and identify to ‘The Parent’ the specific tutor (s) who will be conducting sessions with the student.

Undertakes to ensure prior preparation of lessons and to structure lessons in such a way as to optimize the benefit to the student.

Confirm the next scheduled session prior to the end of the current session.

Email or call ‘The Parent’/student after the first 15 minutes if the student is late.

Conduct periodic review with student and ‘The Parent’ to discuss progress at a minimum of one time each school semester.

‘The Tutor’ shall keep confidential all information about the student.

‘The Tutor’ shall at no time be required to or obliged to execute homework or assignments that will be submitted for a grade. However ‘The Tutor’ can clarify concepts and procedures to enable the student to complete the assignment on his own.

Provide a safe environment and clean space for conduct of tutoring sessions.

Issue a receipt for fees paid.


Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions on a regular and consistent basis.

Arrive on time and bring all academic support material including textbooks, worksheets etc.

Prepare for each session by reviewing material previously covered.

The student undertakes and agrees to assist ‘The Tutor’ in identifying problem areas in which the student needs specific

The student agrees that assignments, exercises or homework form an integral part of tutoring and undertakes to complete such work in the time and to the standard required.


Fees shall be calculated at a rate of United States forty dollars US$40 (or the Jamaican equivalent) per hour of tutoring plus GCT. No further fees shall be charged for travelling or preparation time of the tutor. Fees may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective after giving three months written notice.

Payment may be made weekly/monthly in advance or immediately upon completion of a tutoring session. In no case should payment be outstanding for a period of more than (1) month from the date of completion of the session.

Accepted methods of payment:
() Cash
() Check
() Electronic transfer

‘The Parent’ or student may cancel a session by giving at least twenty four (24) hours prior notice to ‘The Tutor’ in which case no tuition fees will be incurred. Such notice maybe by email/ telephone. Lessons not attended by the student without giving 24 hours prior notice shall be charged at the full rate.

‘The Tutor’ may cancel lessons by giving 24 hours prior notice to the student/parent in which case no fees shall be incurred. Where a lesson was pre-paid, ‘The Tutor’ shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties, failing which the student shall be refunded the fee of the missed lesson.

Fees are calculated according to the time stipulated herein and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by the student. Any time lost due to the late arrival of ‘The Tutor’ shall be compensated by extending the lesson by such amount of time which was lost.
If the student is more than thirty (30) minutes late and no communication is received from the student and/or parent the lesson will be cancelled and shall be charged at the full rate.

It is hereby agreed between ‘The Tutor’ and ‘The Parent’

‘The Tutor’ will use its best efforts to ensure that the student makes satisfactory progress, however this is not a guarantee and ‘The Tutor’ cannot be held accountable for the academic success of the student.

* The student must sign in at the front desk at the beginning of every scheduled session.

* Lessons will continue until terminated by either ‘The Parent’ or ‘The Tutor’ giving notice to the other or until terminated by mutual agreement.

If the fee or any part shall remain unpaid for a period of one (1) month after same is due, ‘The Tutor’ may give notice requiring payment. If ‘The Parent’ fails to pay with fourteen (14) days of receipt of such notice tutoring of the student shall be suspended until payment.

If the student consistently fails to attend scheduled sessions then the time (s) reserved for that student will be cancelled.